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Creative Civic Engagement: An Interview with Mariah Perrigan

Vol. 101, Prg. 16–20
December 6–10, 2010

Discouraged about the way our country is headed? Listen as Mike Farris interviews Mariah Perrigan on this week’s Home School Heartbeat. She’ll share some simple strategies to make your voice heard in politics and point out how showing Christ’s love to our elected officials ought to guide our discourse.

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Speak Up!
A Gracious Word
In a Multitude of Counselors
A Wise Appeal
Make the Call


Mariah Perrigan
Mariah Perrigan and her husband, Pastor Will Perrigan, enjoy homeschooling their six children in the context of their family’s Gospel Rescue Mission lifestyle. Mariah says, “Although our hearts can be broken when we see these precious people fall back into the bondage of sin and addiction, our children see that to love God and obey his word is the only foundation for being independent and capable of helping others.” Mariah relishes the training opportunity Rescue life provides in resourcefulness. She relates, “Once, we overcame a sugar shortage by finding an enormous box of sugar packets that had been donated from a local restaurant. One child commented, “Normal families don’t open 200 sugar packets to make a batch of cookies do they?’” Mariah’s response was, “I don’t know what normal is, but I’m sure it must be boring!”

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Want to learn more about Mariah’s innovative projects to help you make meaningful contact with your public representatives? Get sample Prayer Postcards and the Issues Appeal project template when you request your Creative Civic Engagement Resource Packet! Click the link to request your free copy today.

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