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Celebrating with Thankfulness
Volume 101, Program 5
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Inspired to try a Thanksgiving unit study? Or maybe your children would like to start celebrating the holiday with a fun craft or two! HSLDA’s Melissa Hudson and Kaylyn Carlson have an @home e-vent full of great ideas for your homeschool’s Thanksgiving celebration! Watch their webinar today by visiting the link above.

“Nothing is more honorable than a grateful heart,” wrote Roman philosopher Seneca 2000 years ago. It’s still true. Today on Home School Heartbeat, HSLDA President Mike Smith discusses ways that you can help your children to cultivate that grateful heart as you approach the Thanksgiving holiday.

Mike Smith:
This week, we’ve been exploring ways that you can celebrate Thanksgiving in your homeschool. Today, we’ll look at what might be the most important one of all. Before the holiday comes, take some time to talk with your children about what Thanksgiving means—to you.

How do you give thanks? Cultivating gratitude in your children starts with expressing gratitude yourself. Share with your children what you’re thankful for. You might begin with our national heritage of freedom, starting with those first Pilgrims. But don’t stop there! America is still one of the freest countries of the world. Unlike many homeschoolers around the world, you have the privilege of educating your children without severe regulation.

The Pilgrims, in the middle of deep hardship, stopped to recognize the providence of God in their lives. What are ways that your own family has seen the hand of Providence? You and your children might profit from spending an afternoon making a list of blessings you have experienced—start with giving thanks for each member of your family! But personal gratitude goes beyond just enjoying the good things in life. Has your family suffered hardships that have cultivated perseverance and good character? Thankfulness is a beautiful way to remember that all of life comes from the hand of God.

However you and your family celebrate this Thanksgiving, we at HSLDA wish you blessings and a heart full of gratitude! And until next time, I’m Mike Smith.

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