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New Mexico

Testing Requirements Unchanged for Home Schoolers

During the recent 1999 legislative session, the state legislature changed public school district testing requirements from grades four, six, and eight to every year for grades three through nine. Understandably, home educators worried that the state department of education might impose the same testing requirement on home schoolers.

However, on September 27, 1999, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Michael J. Davis issued a new memorandum, in which he confirms that home school students will continue to test at grade levels four, six, and eight. Districts are responsible for notifying home educators by January 30 of the time and place for testing of home school students.

An alternative option to public school testing is the Bob Jones University Press Testing Service. Since the CTBS test provided in the public school testing program is not available through BJUP, home school operators should request the Iowa Test of Basic Skills Form L. Those using BJUP Testing Service should notify the local school district testing office no later than January 15 and are responsible to provide the district with evidence of utilizing the BJUP Testing Service.

Home School Legal Defense Association congratulates the Christian Association of Parent Educators of New Mexico on their successful efforts to encourage the Superintendent of Public Instruction not to follow the public school testing guidelines for home schoolers. In the future, HSLDA will be working with CAPE-NM to eliminate New Mexico’s testing requirement, pointing to nearby states not requiring testing such as California, Arizona, and Texas. We trust that you will join us in this effort.