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a contrario sensu

Ladies First
My wife has been working on instilling manners and etiquette in our sons (ages eight and six), and our daughter (age four). On the way to my sister’s wedding, my wife decided it was a good time to ask what was expected of them as gentlemen and a lady. Our daughter responded, “It means the boys hold the doors open, and I walk through!”

Doug Attema
Pella, Iowa

West Liberty Clarification

Last year, a West Liberty Home School Legal Defense Association family operated under the supervision of a licensed teacher, but this year they decided to switch to the standardized testing option. Shortly after filing their Competent Private Instruction Report, they received a letter stating that they were in violation of the law for failure to file a base-line score from the first year of home instruction. However, as HSLDA attorney Scott Woodruff advised the school district, no such base-line score is necessary since the family was previously under the supervision of a licensed teacher.