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Christina Seeks Unauthorized Information

A member family asked Home School Legal Defense Association to intervene on their behalf after receiving repeated requests from the Christina School District for information about their home school. Although HSLDA had previously advised the school district of the family’s election to operate a home school in accordance with the provisions of subsection (a) of 2703 of the Delaware Code Annotated, school officials were still seeking some measure of accountability from this family.

HSLDA resolved this family’s legal difficulties by sending a letter to the assistant superintendent, explaining that this family was in full compliance with the current legal requirements for conducting a home school in Delaware and outlining the provisions for both statutory options.

Section 2703, subsection (a) requires parents to register the home school with the Department of Education and submit enrollment and attendance reports to the state. (Most home schooling parents in Delaware are affiliated with a home school association or organization which complies with the registration and reporting requirements.)

Parents operating a home school under this statutory provision are not required to notify local school district officials of their decision to do so or to report any information about their home school.

The second option, subsection (b) of 2703, stipulates that a student who is being home schooled but is not affiliated with a home school association or organization registered with the Department of Education must receive instruction under the auspices of the local school district superintendent. The local superintendent must determine in writing that the student is or will be provided with regular and thorough instruction in the subjects prescribed for the public schools of Delaware in a manner suitable to children of the same age and stage of advancement. Under this option, the home school is not registered with the Department of Education.