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Press Clippings

Bush hails home schoolers
GOP rivals all praise their efforts and urge an era of responsibility

Texas Gov. George W. Bush won over a cheering crowd of 2,000 home-schooled students and their parents yesterday, saying their efforts are something to be “respected” and “protected.”

Mr. Bush praised home schoolers for their hard work, as he joined several other Republican presidential rivals speaking at the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) “Proclaim Liberty” conference. . . .

“Education must be concerned primarily about results, and home schooling has shown results,” said Mr. Bush . . .

Earlier in the day, Republican rival Steve Forbes delivered a well-received speech that also was met with a standing ovation. Like Mr. Bush, Mr. Forbes distanced himself from the political establishment and sang the praises of home schooling and its important educational role for the nation. . . .

Conservative Republican presidential candidates Gary Bauer and Alan Keyes also spoke at the gathering, along with independent Sen. Robert C. Smith of New Hampshire . . .

Andrea Billups, Washington Times, September 25, 1999

Home-school movement shows it has political clout
A national conference attracts five GOP presidential hopefuls

The home-school movement, which has tripled in the past decade in Oregon, showed off its increasing political clout Friday by attracting five of the nine Republican presidential candidates to a national conference.

The home-schooling agenda? “Leave us alone,” according to Michael Farris, president of the Home School Legal Defense Association. . . .Earlier in the week, more than 1,800 home schoolers and their families met with 220 members of Congress of their staffs, said Gabriel Winslow, 18, of Boring, Ore. He knows because, as an intern for the Home School Legal Defense Association, he arranged most of the meetings.

“The only thing home schoolers ask is that government leave us alone and doesn’t harass us,” said Winslow, who has been home schooled since first grade. “We’re probably the only group that comes to Washington to ask for only that.”

Mark O’Keefe, Oregonian (Portland, OR), September 25, 1999

2,000 home-schoolers gather to tell Congress that regulations aren’t needed

Missourians James and Toney Kay Schutz stood on the Capitol steps Thursday with hundreds of other advocates of home schooling to send a message to Congress: leave them alone. . . .

More than 150 people from Missouri and Southern Illinois joined about 2,000 others from across the country, their children in tow, in a two-day effort to lobby Congress. . . . Sen. John Ashcroft, R.-Mo. . . .“I reject the notion that children ever belong to the government,” Ashcroft said. “Let us not as a nation, by having so much bureaucratic control . . . somehow signal that parents need not apply.”

Nahal Toosi, Washington, DC, Bureau, St. Louis Post-Dispatch (MO), September 24, 1999

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