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Tidbits & Trivia

Washington is the only state named after a U. S. president.


Legislation Carried Over

All bills affecting home educators have been carried over to Washington’s 2000 legislative session. Among the bills being monitored by Home School Legal Defense Association are the following.

Senate Bill 5774 would grant tax relief to persons making contributions to private schools or incurring expenses in home schooling their children.

House Bill 1450 would expand opportunities for home school students to receive driver’s education by including “a parent providing home-based instruction” in the definition of a “qualified teacher of traffic safety education.”

H.B. 1906 would prohibit the state board of education from establishing any graduation or college admission requirements that compel private or home school students to meet the essential academic learning requirements for the certificate of mastery.

Finally, H.B. 1674 reiterates that the state board of education shall not require private or home school students to meet the requirements for the certificate of academic proficiency (proposed to replace “certificate of mastery”) or the essential academic learning requirements for either graduation or college admission.

HSLDA encourages our Washington member families to express their views on these bills to their legislators before the next session.