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Volleyball was invented in a Holyoke YMCA in 1895.


A New Advisory

Home schoolers won the case of Brunelle v. Lynn School Committee, so the Massachusetts Department of Education is preparing a new “advisory” on home schooling for school districts across the Commonwealth. The last time the department wrote an advisory was right after the Care and Protection of Charles case in 1987. The new advisory does not change the law in any way, nor can it: it only provides advice to school districts. Nevertheless, such advisories tend to change the way some school districts behave.

We urge every home schooler to be on guard for claims by school officials that “the law has changed.” The law has NOT changed in any way that could result in LESS home school liberty. The only thing that has changed is that home schoolers WON a case before the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court. (The home schoolers lost in Charles, the previous case.)

HSLDA and Massachusetts’ statewide home school organizations have been closely monitoring the department’s progress on this draft advisory. While this advisory is not nearly as good as it could be, it contains a number of small improvements over the last one.