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Handel’s Messiah has been presented in Lindsborg each Easter since 1889.


Change in Udall

Last fall, Udall Unified School District (USD) #463 Superintendent Grady Sewell routinely reported home school families to both the department of social services and the local prosecuting attorney. Home School Legal Defense Association attorney Scott Woodruff wrote many letters on behalf of member families in hopes of avoiding legal clashes and possibly even persuading Mr. Sewell to change his practice.

This summer, attorney Woodruff telephoned the superintendent to ask whether he intended to turn in all home school families again this fall. Mr. Sewell said he did not.

In fact, new literature from the school district suggests it is now going to try to entice home schoolers with promises to help “meet their needs.” Each child enrolled in public school brings more state funding to the district.

One of the strengths of the home school movement is its independence. That independence is jeopardized when home schoolers accept offers of educational assistance from government school systems.

Caldwell Turns in Home Schooler

Caldwell Junior-Senior High School Principal Alan Jamison recently sent a letter to an HSLDA member family stating, “I am required by state law to notify the county attorney that [your daughter] is not enrolled in school in USD #360 and is being home schooled at your address.” Contrary to the principal’s assertion, he is not required by any state law to notify the county attorney that a child is being home schooled. Attendance at a home-based private school registered with the Kansas State Department of Education can satisfy the compulsory attendance law. Attorney Scott Woodruff explained this to Mr. Jamison, who referred the matter to the local county prosecutor.

The prosecutor sent the family a three-page detailed questionnaire, asking for lots of personal information. Since such a questionnaire is not authorized by law, the family is exercising their right to reject this request for private information. HSLDA is not sure at this point if the prosecutor will drop the case or file a petition against the family. Please pray for this family and others facing overzealous government officials.