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S P E C I A L   F E A T U R E

PHC Breaks New Ground

    Known for being a key player in American history, the state of Virginia had yet another historic moment when ground was broken in Loudoun County for Patrick Henry College on June 25, 1999.
    PHC will provide students from across the United States with the opportunity to earn a four-year degree through a unique and expertly-designed apprenticeship program. It will be the first college of its kind, anywhere.
    In his keynote address at the groundbreaking event, college president Michael Farris explained what makes this institution different: “Our students will learn why America is free as they participate in the college’s evening town hall discussions. They will write research papers on topics requested by local, state and federal officials.”
    Congressmen have told Farris, he said, that they would like to have smart home school graduates as legislative aides. They assume that home schooled students have developed a certain worldview. These students just need additional training.
    “By the time Patrick Henry students graduate,” he added, “they will have an outstanding list of contacts and they will have produced an unparalleled body of useful college work. Patrick Henry graduates will be the best prepared legislative aides Congressmen can find.”

For more information, contact PHC at (540) 338-1776 or phc@hslda.org. Also, see the official college website: www.phc.edu.