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MAY / JUNE 1999
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Freedom Watch
Light Within Congress!

    Early on the morning of March 24, just as the sun’s rays find their way into the dark streets and around the shaded windows of Congress, Home School Legal Defense Association staffers were hard at work at HSLDA headquarters clipping and copying newspaper articles from the Washington Times, Washington Post, and the WorldNetDaily on the newly released home school study sponsored by HSLDA and independently conducted by Lawrence M. Rudner, Ph.D.
    These articles were inserted into packets for the day’s Congressional Action Program lobby day. More than 70 CAP volunteer lobbyists had made appointments with 200 congressional offices, targeting freshman and key House and Senate Education Committee members. Anticipation was high as HSLDA staffers put the finishing touches on each packet and headed inside the beltway.
    At 9:00 a.m. in a committee room of the Rayburn House Office Building, HSLDA President Michael Farris briefed CAP volunteers on the study and related articles which they would be delivering.
    The Hill was buzzing! Office staffers greeted the CAP lobbyists with enthusiasm and interest. Most education staffers had already read the articles in Washington papers and several had seen the study reported in their own state papers. This already-heightened interest opened more doors for the CAP volunteers to discuss the benefits of home schooling and current federal issues important to home educators. Throughout the day, several families reported to HSLDA their opportunity to personally meet with a congressman.
    As the sunlight faded behind the Blue Ridge mountains and the CAPpers drove home, they were reminded of God’s hand of blessing upon their efforts. Each of these volunteer CAP lobbyists dedicated the whole day to working in the city of Washington, because they believe that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance!

Footnote: On April 20, 40 CAP lobbyists finished distributing the information packets to the Republican offices not visited on March 24. Again, the lobbyists were met with an equally favorable response from the offices that they visited.