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MAY / JUNE 1999
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Ed Flex Act Passes Congress

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Freedom Watch
Ed Flex Act Passes Congress

    On March 11, both the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate passed the Education Flexibility Partnerships Demonstration Program (Ed Flex) by overwhelming margins. Congress approved the conference committee report on April 21, and President Clinton signed it on April 29.
    Ed Flex gives states and localities greater flexibility by waiving federal requirements attached to federal education funding. Under this program, billions of education dollars will be essentially block granted to the states for certain programs.
    While 12 states are already authorized to participate in the existing Ed Flex program, this new legislation allows all 50 states to “opt into” the Ed Flex process. Any state may decline the “opt-in” opportunity and continue to receive funds with federal regulations.
    The long-term plan is to establish a beachhead with Ed Flex, creating a vehicle which can be used to cut federal strings on, and end, other failed education programs. States could use the monies for their specific educational needs rather than being required to enforce the federal agenda. Home School Legal Defense Association believes that Ed Flex moves America in the right direction towards restoring local control over education.