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National Center Offers Military and College Admissions Packet

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Freedom Watch
National Center Offers Military and College Admissions Packets

    National Center has just updated its information packets on home schoolers in the military and home schoolers in college.
    The college packet is designed to help you persuade local college admissions officers to adopt home school friendly admissions policies. It explains recent federal changes which enable home schoolers to receive federal financial aid without having to obtain a GED.
    The military packet will help home schoolers who seek to enter the military. In October 1998, Congress approved a new five-year pilot program that puts prospective home schooled recruits on the same level as other high school graduates. Unfortunately, many local military recruiters seem to be unaware of the new pilot program. These recruiters need to be informed about the new program, and our packet will help you do that.
    If members encounter any difficulties in either of these areas, HSLDA staff are available to help you. We can explain the intent and interpretation of the federal scholarship and military pilot program provisions since we drafted the language. If you would like one of these packets, please send $3 with your request to the National Center for Home Education, Attention: Steve McGarvey, P.O. Box 3000, Purcellville, VA, 20134.