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Cover Story
Home Visits Ruled Unconstitutional by Mass. Supreme Judicial Court

Special Features
A Scorecard for the 105th Congress

Another Home Schooling Statesman

National Center Reports
Vocational Education Bill Passes With Protection

Preparing for the 106th Congress

FDIC Drafts “Know Your Customer” Regulations

Children’s Scholarship Fund Moves Forward

Free Computers for Home Schoolers

Across the States
State by State

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Notes to Members

Prayer and Praise

Active Cases

President’s Page

Praise the Lord for the recent victory in the Brunelle and Pustell case in Lynn, Massachusetts. More...

Ask the Lord to turn the hearts of our leaders towards righteousness and truth. Pray that they would implement godly principles in our government and that the Lord would bring revival to America. More...

Praise God for rewarding home schoolers’ efforts to protect family freedoms during the 105th Congress, and seek His direction and blessing for the 106th Congressional Session. More...

Intercede on behalf of state leaders and home school lobbyists entering state legislative sessions. More...

Pray for Arkansas home schoolers and legislators as they anticipate an attempt to repeal favorable provisions of the 1997 home school law. More...

Uphold families who have recently been contacted by social workers on the basis of false allegations in California and Virginia.

Thank the Lord that Alabama and Illinois have both passed religious freedom restoration legislation.

Pray for protection of home schoolers in Florida, where voters just approved a potentially dangerous amendment to the state constitution, making education of children a “fundamental value” of the state.

Lift up our ongoing cases: Monasmith (CA), Gallagher (CT), Gullett (DE), Latonya M. (NJ), and Scott N. (TN). More...

Pray for Iowa parents fighting a court battle initiated by a grandparent who is opposed to home schooling.

Ask the Lord to bring unity and protection to home schoolers in New Jersey, where school districts are attempting to implement—as law—suggested guidelines from the commissioner of education.

Praise God for the defeat of a proposed daytime curfew in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Thank the Lord that the Oklahoma Commission on Children and Youth listened to home schoolers’ input and has not proceeded any further with its initial call for increased regulation of home schooling.

Intercede on behalf of families struggling with rebellious young people or irresponsible spouses.

Seek God’s direction, strength and encouragement for beginning and veteran home school parents as they seek His will for their families.

Pray that home schooling seminars and conferences across the country will bless participants and the movement at large.

Seek God’s protection and provision for families who are faithfully pressing on amidst nearly overwhelming trials—tight finances, opposition from extended family members, serious illness, or death of a loved one.