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Home Visits Ruled Unconstitutional by Mass. Supreme Judicial Court

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A Scorecard for the 105th Congress

Another Home Schooling Statesman

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Vocational Education Bill Passes With Protection

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FDIC Drafts “Know Your Customer” Regulations

Children’s Scholarship Fund Moves Forward

Free Computers for Home Schoolers

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Freedom Watch
Free computers for home schoolers

Editor’s Note (March, 2008): The program described below is no longer available to homeschoolers.

The National Security Agency is offering second-hand computers to any non-profit educational institution which agrees to use them for math and/or science education. Equipment includes 386 machines (which may or may not be Y2K compliant), monitors, keyboards, and dot-matrix printers. Occasionally, VCRs may also be available. All equipment is offered “as is,” and there are no hard drives supplied with these machines. Interested home schoolers may contact John Brothers at D5, Rm 2B5038, NSA, Ft. Meade, Maryland 20755-6217; (301) 668-6214; or brothers@romulus.ncsc.mil. Delivery information is available from Computers for Learning Programs http://www.computers.fed.gov.