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French Family Update
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French Family Update

Earlier this year the Court Report notified readers that Home School Legal Defense Association was going to investigate allegations that the French government had improperly removed home school children from the homes of several members of the Citadel Christian Church. After a careful investigation of the action taken by the French court, HSLDA believes that further involvement on our part is not warranted because there is not sufficient evidence that the court erred in its charges of child abuse.

On October 9, 1993, a fact-finding delegation sponsored in part by HSLDA returned from Paris. The following information is excerpted from the report of Steve Snyder, President of Christian Solidarity International-USA, who was a member of the fact-finding team: “After conducting a full investigation, the team was of the common mind that this was not a case of religious persecution. The team concluded that the French government had taken necessary action based on testimonials from a number of families formerly associated with the Citadel.”

For a complete transcript of Mr. Snyder’s report on the French Family Investigation write to CSI, P.O. Box 70563, Washington, DC 20024.