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Colorado Dispute Foreshadows Dangers of U.N. Convention on Child’s Rights

President Clinton’s Perspective on Home-Schooling Rights

DeJonge and Bennett Transform Michigan


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President’s Corner

Across the Provinces


We just wanted to express our appreciation for your work in helping to bring the services of Home School Legal Defense Association into Canada.

It has been such a blessing this year to have access to information, advice, and backing.

As we have experienced, a change in working relationships with authorities can happen so quickly with appointment of uncooperative superintendents, supervisors, or changes in law and it certainly is beneficial to have qualified legal defense there before problems arise.

God bless your ministry to us home educators!

Eric and Linda Mertz Bowden, Alberta

HSLDA to Host Canadian Christian Lawyers’ Conference

HSLDA of Canada is currently planning a training seminar for Canadian Christian lawyers. The seminar will take place in Niagara Falls, Ontario, in late September, and the goal is to introduce Christian lawyers to the home-schooling movement and to legal theory for defending home schoolers under Canadian law.

It is HSLDA of Canada’s hope that this seminar will assemble several Canadian lawyers who are willing to be part of a legal network, ready to assist HSLDA members with legal problems. As members know, HSLDA-USA’s goal is to administrate HSLDA of Canada to the point that it can be self-sufficient and turned over to be run by Canadians. Establishing a network of Canadian lawyers will bring us one step closer to that goal.

Studying Canadian Home Schoolers

In other Canadian news, Dr. Brian Ray of the National Home Education Research Institute is conducting a survey of home schoolers in Canada for the purpose of compiling a Canadian home education research report. Dr. Ray may be familiar to Canadian members already for his research presented in A Nationwide Study of Home Education and Marching to the Beat of Their Own Drum! A Profile of Home Education Research. These studies show the academic excellence of home education and have proven to be a valuable tool to persuade others of the success of home schooling.

Dr. Ray’s new study will exclusively research Canadian home schoolers. It is anticipated that this project will provide similar benefits in demonstrating the success of home education to those who doubt its validity in Canada.