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Alabama Court Protects Parents’ Rights Case

Home Schooling Is “In the Best Interest of the Child”

University Policies Mandate that Mother Work

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Editorial: Protecting Our Children from the Statistics

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Dear Michael:

Thank you for your recent letter and for the information on home schooling. I applaud the unwavering commitment of parents who spend their time and resources to provide a quality education for their children at home. These parents have illustrated that home schooling is a positive alternative to a typical classroom setting.

It was a pleasure to have you and some of your children join our fellow educational choice supporters at the White House on June 25, 1992. The GI Bills for Children are paramount initiatives that will improve the education of all children, whether in public, private, or religious schools or in a home schooling environment. My proposal would assist states in awarding $1000 scholarships to middle- and low-income families for their children’s elementary or secondary level education. This will foster a competitive environment for educational institutions and will provide parents with the power to determine what type of education they want for their children.

Home schooling is focused on the concept of the importance of family. As I have said many times, parents are their children’s first teachers. I am fighting for policies that strengthen, rather than impose government on, the family. With your continuing support, we can implement policies that enhance the traditional family values that have made our Nation great.

Home schoolers have demonstrated their commitment not only to educational excellence but also to good citizenship, family values, and public service. I strongly support these ideals and will fight with you to keep educational choice in the hands of parents, not the government.

Thank you again for your efforts to help America’s children.


George Bush

Mr. Michael P. Farris
The National Center for Home Education
Post Office Box 125
Paeonian Springs, Virginia 22129