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University Policies Mandate that Mother Work

Eric and Sarah Zetterholm are home schooling their children in Michigan. They were prepared, by the mere fact of living in Michigan, to face legal pressure for their decision to home school. What they did not anticipate, however, was facing pressure from the University of Michigan Law School.

Eric is a second-year law student at the University of Michigan. He was awarded a large grant to attend his first year of law school based on his family’s financial need. But the university substantially decreased his aid for his second year of law school predicated on the theory that Sarah should go to work to support their family while Eric attended school.

The family faced two dilemmas. One was their conviction that Sarah, as a mother of young children, should not be working outside the home. The other issue was that the net effect of this directive would require them to stop home schooling their children.

Neither of these consequences were acceptable to the Zetterholms. Accordingly, they contacted HSLDA to see if we could assist them in convincing the University of Michigan to change its policy.

On May 6, Mike Farris wrote to the Director of Financial Aid, asking for reconsideration of the Zetterholms’ situation. He set forth the legal argument that the university was unconstitutionally discriminating against those who believe that mothers should raise their children and those who believe that God calls parents to home school their children.

Even though the university had previously declared their decision to be “final,” the decision was reversed after receiving HSLDA’s letter. This fall Eric will continue law school with a similarly large grant, and Sarah will continue providing her children with a stable home and an excellent education.

We are finding that there are more and more unusual situations in which HSLDA is called to defend home schoolers against discrimination. HSLDA is here to help you anytime governmental agencies attack your home school.