The Home School Court Report
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MAY / JUNE 1992
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Cover Stories
Pittsburgh School District Caves in to HSLDA

Michigan Authorities Attempt to Arrest Six-Year-Old Child


South Carolina Home Schoolers Celebrate Legislative Victory

Personal Reflections
Great Pains on the Great Plains of North Dakota

Opposition to PAT Programs Startles U.S. Congress

Across the States: Legislatures Consider Lengthening Compulsory Attendance Period

Across the States

National Center Reports

Meet the Staff: Christopher J. Klicka

Kids' Success Stories

President’s Corner

I Think I'd Like to Be a Chef…

John Drye of Plainfield, New Hampshire, was just seven years old when he won the WinterBake contest sponsored by King Arthur Flour last April. His winning entry was a Ham ’n Cheese Pizza which he spent many happy hours perfecting.

John joined other prizewinners at hands-on baking classes at the Inn at Essex Inn (Vermont) where, in addition to his bravery in tasting exotic dishes, he drew attention and praise for being “very well behaved.”

All the WinterBake prizewinners were interviewed by a Boston radio station. In John’s interview, the Dryes’ home schooling became a point of interest. John’s mother reported: “[The radio interviewer] was really intrigued by the whole idea of home schooling. We were interviewed in the hotel library, and I had John, then seven, grab a random book (adult level) and start reading. The radio guy was blown away.” Congratulations John for your accomplishment in the WinterBake contest as well as for being an excellent ambassador for home schooling.