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March / April 1992
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Cover Stories
Alabama Case may set important Precedents

A Force to Be Reckoned with

Michigan Home Schoolers Protected by Civil Rights Suit

Court Strikes South Carolina Testing Requirement for Home Schoolers

Committee of 100 Being Formed to Support RFRA


President’s Corner

Across the States

National Center Reports

Across the Provinces

Kids' Success Stories

Across the Provinces

HSLDA of Canada Opens Office in Edmonton

The board of directors for HSLDA of Canada held their first meeting on January 25, 1992. One result of that meeting was the decision to open an office in Edmonton, Alberta. Aline Stasiewich will be serving as office coordinator. HSLDA of Canada's address and telephone number are:

Station L
Box 8687
Edmonton, AB T6C 4J5
(403) 986-1566

Manitoba Hosts National Canadian Leaders Conference

On March 25, Michael Farris will be traveling to Manitoba for three very important meetings. On Thursday, March 26, Mike will attend a meeting of Canadian Christian attorneys who will consider ways of cooperation and networking to increase the effectiveness of Christian legal defense in Canada.

During the day on Friday, a special meeting is planned for home school leaders from across Canada. (For information call Terry Lewis at (204) 326-6836.) Then beginning Friday evening and continuing throughout the day on Saturday, the Manitoba Home Educators Association is hosting a Home Schooling Conference. Speakers will include Gregg Harris and Mike Farris. If you would like more information about this conference, please call Gerald Huebner at (204) 376-5423.