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January / February 1992
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Cover Stories
Texas Home Schoolers Welcome Victory At Last!

Home Schoolers Win EEE Case

Is the Supreme Court on the Verge of Reversing its Harsh “Separation of Church and State” Rulings?

Massachusetts Court Case Could Set Precedent on Home Visits

Madalyn Murray O'Hair Blasts Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Sports Participation Granted with Public Schools

“Beautiful Parents” Award Goes to Home Schoolers

Encouraging Words

There's No Place Like Home!

Meet Linda Meloy


President’s Corner

Across the States

National Center Reports

C O V E R   S T O R Y

Meet Linda Meloy

Linda began working for Home School Legal Defense Association in October of 1986. At that time HSLDA was located in Great Falls, Virginia.

She fondly remembers those early days when the office staff consisted of four other people and when the Court Report was sent directly from the office—a task which meant stacks of newsletters from one end of the office to the other, label cutting, and long hours.

Linda's route to HSLDA was indirect—as has been the case with most of our staff. Linda attended Virginia Tech for college and two weeks into her freshman year God brought her into contact with Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC) and brought her to salvation. She became actively involved in the campus Bible study and after graduation went to work for CCC. Her first assignment at Purdue University in Lafayette, Indiana lasted five years, and then she moved to Rutgers University in New Jersey for four more years.

Following her on-campus ministries, Linda relocated to Richmond, Virginia, where she divided her time between the CCC office and visiting local campuses. Her next stop was Arlington, Virginia, where she worked with the Here's Life Washington ministry.

But then a career workshop at her church motivated Linda to return to graduate school. She needed a job with flexible hours to accomplish this goal, and a friend suggested that she contact HSLDA. She was hired!

During her first semester in graduate school Linda's “Foundations of Education” class included a term paper assignment. She chose home schooling for her topic and HSLDA's attorneys loaded her down with material. Linda read all the literature on home schooling and caught a vision for this important educational option.

Linda loves to travel. While on staff with CCC, she was able to visit Poland during its martial law period. That experience gave her a tremendous appreciation for our freedoms in the United States: “Exposure to other cultures helps get our focus right. We learn to see the Lord's provision and clearly witness the materialism of our society. It's a good reminder of God's priorities.”

Linda is also a wonderful hostess. She loves entertaining and welcomes every “excuse” to bake. Crafts and visiting family members are just a few of her favorite things.

God has allowed Linda to experience difficult trials. Severe back trouble caused a year's leave of absence from work. Linda is grateful for God's special presence through this time, and she is learning to depend upon the Lord for His daily provisions. Since she is still experiencing pain, she would appreciate your prayers—for healing and that God would give the doctors wisdom in treating her injury.

Last summer Linda attended BJU's H.E.L.P. conference, where she enjoyed meeting home schoolers on a large scale for the first time. Linda said, “It was wonderful meeting home-schooling parents and children. Many member families came up and introduced themselves. It was great!” Linda also enjoyed serving as a test administrator this past spring for several families in the Northern Virginia area.

NOTE: In the September–October issue of the Court Report we asked prayer for Ruth Ritchey. Early this fall Ruth, who served as Chris Klicka's legal assistant for the past year, was suddenly hospitalized due to a damaged spinal disk.

Ruth is grateful for your prayers. She is steadily recovering and was married on November 9, 1991 to David Marshall. Ruth and David, we wish you well!