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September / October 1991
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Pittsburgh Case Cleared for Trial


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America 2000, National Achievement Testing, and Revolution in Education: How is Homeschooling Affected?

Home Schoolers Beat National Averages on Achievment Tests


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Pittsburgh Case Cleared for Trial

Just as we were going to press, the federal court rendered a preliminary decision in the case of Deely v. Wallace. In this case HSLDA is suing the superintendent of the Pittsburgh schools because he has determined that the Deely family could not begin home schooling their daughter during the school year. The school district asked the federal court to dismiss the case for both procedural and technical reasons. The federal magistrate issued a ruling that the case would not be dismissed on any of its counts or theories. We will now proceed toward trial on all issues. We are asking, among other things, that Superintendent Wallace be removed from any authority with respect to home schooling.