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March / April 1991
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H. R. 6

Cover Stories

Legislative Storms Bring Serious Battles to Home Schoolers In Several States

Montana Legislature Rejects Attempt to Force Home Schoolers into Public School Testing

Legislative Update

Maine Introduces “Home Visit” Legislation

Legislative Surprises In Maryland Threaten Home Education

Arizona Home Schoolers Succeed in Amending Unacceptable Law

Legislation Succeeds in North Dakota Senate

Worst Home School Bill in the Nation Introduced in Kansas

Persistent Legislator Causes Trouble for Connecticut Home Schoolers

Great Britain Reveals Favorable Home-Schooling Law

Townspeople Defend Home Schoolers' Rights: F.A.I.T.H. and Victory in Massachusetts


President's Corner

Across the States

National Center Reports

C O V E R   S T O R Y

Persistent Legislator Causes Trouble for Connecticut Home Schoolers

State Representative Anne Dandrow has introduced a home-schooling bill in the Connecticut Legislature which would totally undercut the home-schooling guidelines recently adopted by the State Board of Education. Her bill would require the Department of Education to adopt regulations which would place a number of onerous requirements on home schooling:

  • Meeting of parents with school officials at least twice a year;

  • Monitoring of home school students by public schools;

  • High school diplomas as minimum credential for teaching;

  • Course syllabus and lists of texts submitted by parents for each subject taught;

  • Nationally-normed standardized tests;

  • Quarterly reports prepared by parents during the first two years of home education in addition to an annual evaluation completed by someone other than the parents for every year of teaching.

The most fascinating and drastic requirement in Ms. Dandrow's proposed legislation would be to limit the number of home-schooled children in any one family to five. This requirement is probably the most audacious provision we have ever witnessed in any home-schooling bill!

While the bill was initially killed in committee, Ms. Dandrow succeeded in reviving it by legislative petition, which forces the committee to reconsider the bill and hold hearings. HSLDA's Michael Farris is scheduled to testify in opposition to the bill on March 25, 1991. HSLDA is working in a supportive role to both Connecticut home-schooling organizations—TEACH led by Ken Strout and CHEA led by Jan Loomis. Connecticut home schoolers need to stay in touch with these organizations for further information.