The Home School Court Report
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January / February 1991
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H. R. 6

Cover Stories

Iowa Supreme Court Rejects Historical Challenge to Teacher’s Certification

Pittsburgh School Superintendent Chastised by Federal Judge

Home School Students Better At Basic Skills

Ireland’s Department of Education Gives “Thumbs Up” To Home Schooling

The George Air Force Base Ten

To His Own Beat…

“Dear Mrs. Bush...”

South Carolina Testing Suit


President's Corner

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National Center Reports

C O V E R   S T O R Y

Personal Glimpses — as reprinted from Reader's Digest

To His Own Beat…

Photographer Ansel Adams was a fidgety child who had difficulty adjusting to traditional schools. His father decided to teach him at home, and the next years were extremely fruitful. Learning experiences were always tapped into the young boy's intrinsic interests and ranged from playing the piano to visiting an exposition.

Years later, after he had become internationally known for his creative photography, Adams paid tribute to the courage of his father who was willing to take risks, to listen to that “different drummer” unique to each child. In his autobiography, Adams wrote:

“I am certain he established the positive direction of my life that otherwise, given my native hyperactivity, could have been confused and catastrophic. I trace who I am and the direction of my development to those years of growing up in our house on the dunes, propelled especially by an internal spark tenderly kept alive and glowing by my father.”

Teresa Amabile, Growing Up Creative (Crown).