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FALL 1990
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First Lady Admits “Prejudice” Against Home Schooling

Major Courtroom Victory in Massachusetts

Notes from the Editor

EDUCATION WEEK Volume X, Number 3 September 19, 1990, Reprinted by Permission


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Notes from the Editor

The 19901991 school year started with tremendous intensity as truant officers and school district officials unleashed their forces to round up “truants.” Of course, many home schoolers were gathered in the dragnet during the process. Although HSLDA legal staff has been able to resolve many situations fairly quickly with a phone call or letter, other families have had a much harder time. As seen from the articles in this issue, families in Michigan, Kansas, Massachusetts, Connecticut, South Carolina, Tennessee, Idaho, and even Virginia continue to face tough challenges and difficult legal conflicts.

We have also noticed a growing number of home school families being referred to child welfare agencies or Social Services on fabricated allegations. Normally, these referrals can be traced to a disgruntled neighbor who just does not like home schooling. I recently talked at length with one particularly frank social service agent. She informed me that over fifty percent of all referrals to child abuse agencies are “unfounded,” leading her to conclude that the system has become a “child abuse industry.” She explained that many hospitals have joined the “business” of “always” finding child abuse. She was upset with the “fishing expeditions” conducted by many child welfare agents and the undue hardship innocent families experience as a result.

Furthermore, she was appalled by the growing tendency to perceive a family as guilty whenever they are reported to a social service agency. She complained that the “system” no longer operates on the principle that a person is innocent until proven guilty. My conversation with her was sobering and confirmed my assumption that such contacts by child welfare agencies are on the rise.

As you read, please pray for God's continued blessing on home schoolers throughout our land. I am convinced that the legal and legislative victories experienced by home schoolers have happened not because they are home schooling for home schooling's sake, but because they have been faithful to train their children to love God and live according to His principles. There is no other explanation for the miracles which have taken place and the extraordinary protection individual home school families have received in spite of great odds against them.

May God bless you as you home school on the front lines and continue to pray for the important cases described in this issue.

Chris Klicka