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Summer 1990
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Crime Bill Likely to Pass With Dangerous Child Abuse Provisions

HSLDA Announces Free Achievement Tests For Members

Major Courtroom Victory In Rhode Island Testing Case

National Home Education Research Institute Founded

Suspicious Caller

1990 Home School Leadership Conference


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C O V E R   S T O R Y

Suspicious Caller

In past publications from our office, we have reported on the continuing problem of home school families receiving telephone calls from a man posing as a new Christian seeking help on ways to discipline his children. He sometimes states he is conducting a survey on child discipline. He is very personable and leads the receivers of the calls to believe that they have mutual acquaintances, thereby putting them at ease and gaining more information. He begins by asking for recommended reading on child discipline and then asks how they think spanking should be done. This often leads to very personal and inappropriate questions about clothing worn during spanking, positions used, husbands spanking wives, etc. He usually uses the names of Michael Brown or Michael Anderson and has an obvious accent (possibly European or Australian).

He is still very active throughout the United States. We need you to warn your local churches (his primary source of names), Christian bookstores, and support groups to refuse to give out names of home school families or anyone else, to unknown callers—no matter how persuasive the caller may sound.

If you do receive a call from this man, PLEASE CALL OUR OFFICE IMMEDIATELY at (703) 882-3838 and ask for Michael Farris’ assistant. If you find out that your name has been given to this man and you have not yet received a call, contact your local phone company and request that a tracer be put on your phone. Our office is attempting to locate an employee with AT&T, sympathetic to our situation, who will assist us in our efforts to have these calls traced through the AT&T system. If you know of someone like this, please let us know immediately.