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Summer 1990
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Crime Bill Likely to Pass With Dangerous Child Abuse Provisions

HSLDA Announces Free Achievement Tests For Members

Major Courtroom Victory In Rhode Island Testing Case

National Home Education Research Institute Founded

Suspicious Caller

1990 Home School Leadership Conference


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C O V E R   S T O R Y

National Home Education Research Institute Founded

Dr. Brian Ray has recently announced the founding of his new National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI). Dr. Ray is founder and editor of the Home School Researcher, an academic home education research journal and is a regular contributor to the Teaching Home Magazine. He has testified in court cases as an expert witness on behalf of many home schoolers and has been featured on national television in debates with public educators.

NHERI's purpose is to serve the home school community by studying issues crucial to home education and publicizing the results. The National Center for Home Education is pleased to work with Dr. Ray in this major breakthrough venture by commissioning a study of two thousand randomly selected home schooling families from the HSLDA membership roles. Evaluating the most thorough questionnaire of its kind, this study will provide information about reasons why families have chosen to home school, legal pressures they have experienced, curriculum and methods they have elected to use, testing results, socio-economic factors affecting their progress, and even the foundation for a longitudinal study which will trace the future successes of the students involved. We are anticipating a Congressional briefing in the fall when the results of this extensive study can be shared with key personnel on Capitol Hill.

NHERI’s effort is being heralded by leaders in the home school movement as a much needed aspect of our work and ministry. J. Richard Fugate, President of Alpha-Omega Publications, states, “Truly objective quality research will be essential in defending home schoolers from the attack to come.” Gregg Harris of Christian Life Workshops adds, “In the light of God's Word, sound educational research provides the foundation for effective home education. Dr. Ray has proven himself professionally and personally to be the man to head up such an important initiative.” At HSLDA, we are convinced that ongoing quality home school research is essential for success in both the courts and the legislators across our land.

Dr. Ray’s interest in home education is personal as well as professional since he and his wife, Betsy, have been teaching their four children at home since they were born. For further information about NHERI and ways that you can support its important thrust, contact Dr. Ray at 25 West Cremona, Seattle, WA 98118.