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Early Spring 1988
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Cover Stories

Is Certification Compelling?

Victory in Ohio

Contact Countdown

Negotiations in New Hampshire

Legislative Update

Farris Before President’s Commission

States in brief . . .

HR 5 update: School Improvement Act of 1987

Superintendent Declares Homeschooling Illegal in Illinois

Iowa on Hold

Pennsylvania: Worst State of the Year

School Boards Prosecute, Not Protect, Religious Freedoms

Superintendent Smokescreen

Climate in California


President’s Corner

Across the States

President's Corner

Farris Honored

HSLDA President Michael Farris was honored recently as a “Top Reformer of the Year” for 1987 by The Forerunner, an internationally distributed Christian magazine published by Maranatha Campus Ministries. Five individuals were honored, all of whom “have gone beyond the call of duty” in their various fields, according to Maranatha President Bob Weiner. Others honored by the magazine included presidential candidate Pat Robertson, Rev. Donald Wildmon, activist Melody Green, and historian Verna Hall.

These individuals were chosen as examples of modern heroes to contrast the typical heroes of today's society. “It is a travesty that we exalt in the public eye only film starts and rock musicians as worthy of emulation by our youth,” explained managing editor Lee Grady. “This void of the heroic has left young people disillusioned and without a cause for which to fight. The true heroes of our generation—those who are willing to sacrifice personal gain for the cause of truth and right—need to be honored on the world’s stage.”

Michael P. Farris