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Litigation Roundup

Contact Countdown for August 1985 through February 1986

Colorado’s Restrictive Regulations Challenged

Irony in Iowa

HSLDA President Wins Witters

Two Cases for Home Education

Confusion in Kansas

Good News from California

Alaska Homeschoolers Excel


President’s Corner

C O V E R   S T O R Y

Confusion in Kansas

HSLDA attorneys successfully protected three HSLDA families after they were contacted by government officials about their homeschools.

HSLDA Executive Director Christopher Klicka negotiated with the local superintendent and prosecutor after they contacted the Garretson family of Atwood. Klicka convinced them that the family operated a legal “private school” under state law.

A few months later, the prosecutor contacted the Garretsons and told them he would not pursue their case. Apparently, the prosecutor watched the trial of a non-HSLDA family, the Hardons, and was convinced by the arguments he heard offered by Richard Peckham, the Hardons’ attorney, who has also represented HSLDA families in other Kansas cases.

Attorney Peckham convinced school officials not to prosecute the Sharps, an HSLDA family in Chanute. Peckham called the local prosecutor and sent several legal opinions to the school district.

In the third case, the Bowman family of McPherson discussed their homeschool situation with the county welfare officials, after being coached by HSLDA attorneys. After the meeting, the officials wrote a letter to the prosecutor, stating that the case against the Bowmans was closed because they were providing adequate instruction to their children.