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Rhodes State Welcomes Homeschool Graduates

Rhodes State College in Lima is now enthusiastically inviting homeschooled students to apply for admission. After seeking input from Home School Legal Defense Association Staff Attorney Michael Donnelly, Rhodes State’s dean and director of admissions revised admission policies to eliminate discrimination against homeschool grads. Under the new policy, homeschool graduates are treated exactly the same as graduates from a public or private school.

While some colleges provide additional hoops through which homeschooled students must jump, Rhodes State College has made it clear that it is seeking homeschool graduates who are interested in enrolling as degree-seeking students or taking classes part-time online. HSLDA believes that homeschooled students are some of the best in the nation and applauds the efforts of Rhodes State College to offer a warm welcome to these talented young people.

HSLDA is eager to advocate on behalf of homeschool graduates who face discrimination when applying for college admission, and we hope that more colleges will emulate the positive example set by Rhodes State!

—by Michael P. Donnelly