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Teaming up for Homeschooling
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Home School Foundation

Want to help homeschooling thrive? Check out the Home School Foundation (HSF), which gives homeschoolers and friends of homeschoolers the opportunity to directly support home-educating families in need. And this doesn’t only mean financial assistance. In fact, HSF recently launched the Ambassador Program, designed to activate local volunteer teams who provide needy homeschooling families with everything from yard work to meals.

An Ambassador Program home remodeling project in Virginia.
Courtesy of Joseph Miller
An Ambassador Program home remodeling project in Virginia.

In August 2010, a band of HSF volunteers helped repair and repaint the house of a homeschooling family near Williamsburg, Virginia, who couldn’t afford the cost. “This was a huge blessing to them and to everyone who’s been involved,” says Lisa Pitts, the volunteer who nominated the family.

“Any amount of time and any variety of talents and skills can be utilized in assisting struggling homeschoolers,” says Ricci Black, coordinator of the Ambassador Program. “For parents who have completed their own homeschooling journey, the Ambassador Program is an opportunity to share experience, talents, and time with fledgling homeschooling families who are struggling to continue homeschooling.” Visit the HSF website for more details on being an ambassador.

HSF also offers ways to donate to homeschooling families with specific needs, such as widows, single parents, and families with special needs children. One fund that may be of particular interest to veteran homeschoolers is the Homeschool Freedom Fund, which helps HSLDA support, promote, and defend homeschool freedom. Visit the HSF website for more details on the different funds.

“After 28-plus years, I’ve moved into the ranks of retired homeschooling moms,” writes one mom who contributed to HSF. “I want to continue to support and keep up-to-date on what is happening with homeschooling and at HSLDA. I am so very grateful for your many years of faithful service to our family. While we never encountered any problems along the way which required HSF’s or HSLDA’s services, we know that the work you did on behalf of others was work you were also doing for us.”