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No. 5

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by Chuck Hurst
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What Membership Includes

So your new membership or your renewal has been processed and approved. You’ve received your new membership cards in the mail. You know you have great legal protection for your homeschool and a 24-hour emergency hotline at your fingertips. But did you know that HSLDA membership brings your family many other exclusive benefits?

What You Get for “Free”

Many families are surprised to find out all that their membership includes for “free”—that is, the services and benefits included in your membership. For instance, you can pick up the phone and talk with one of our educational consultants about your high schooler, 3rd grader, preschooler, or struggling learner. Or you can speak with someone in our legal department who is an expert on your state’s homeschool law. Or you can get exceptionally helpful advice from our membership department, or in-depth information on our website. All for no extra charge beyond your annual membership fee. Really!

What You Get that you Cannot See

We received a note recently from the S. member family in California that said, “Our trust is in God, but He gives us assurance through HSLDA.”

Sometimes the intangible but palpable sense of God’s care comes wrapped in flesh. For our members, it’s often in the form of one of our legal staff at HSLDA. Each is trained to give expert care to your homeschool legal needs—giving you assurance so you can focus on homeschooling your children.

What You Can Expect when You Contact Us

We know many families never contact us because it can seem intimidating, and they’re not sure their questions are important enough to call us about. We want you to know that almost our entire staff has either homeschooled or been homeschooled. We may not know you, but we know much of what you deal with. And our goal is to treat each caller with respect and answer each question with care. Another member family, the T. family in Florida, wrote, “When I have called with questions, I have always been treated politely and [helped] in a timely manner.”

What You Can Look for and Help Us Maintain

Part of our vision at HSLDA is to be a “premiere” organization—one that does everything with excellence. The D. family in New Jersey recently paid us this gracious compliment: “Thanks for all you and your outstanding staff have done for homeschooling. I have recommended your organization and your website to many people … . In these days of frequent poor customer service, it is so refreshing to be a member of such a professional organization as HSLDA."

To hear such praise is encouraging but sets a high standard that we work hard to maintain. If you have an experience with HSLDA that does not leave you feeling ministered to or that could have been handled better, please let us know how you think we could improve—to help us be a premiere organization.

About the authors

Chuck Hurst is the director of the HSLDA Membership Department.