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by Will Estrada
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Senator Jim DeMint: Defender of Liberty

United States Senator Jim DeMint (SC) is a fan of freedom. He wrote the 2009 bestseller, Saving Freedom. He has also been the chief Senate sponsor of the Parental Rights Amendment, is a strong advocate for homeschooling freedom, and has led the charge for a Balanced Budget Amendment to help rein in runaway federal spending.

Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina
Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina took time to address HSLDA’s Congressional Action Program participants on the Parental Rights Amendment as part of a lobby day on July 22, 2009.


Senator DeMint is one busy senator.

But he took more than half an hour out of his schedule to speak to 150 Generation Joshua summer campers during the recent iGovern East Generation Joshua summer camp. The Generation Joshua staff took the students to Washington, D.C., to tour our nation’s capital and to hear from Senator DeMint.

Senator DeMint spoke about the danger our nation faces from runaway federal spending and the crushing deficit. He encouraged the students to get involved in making a difference in our nation and to not let anyone discourage them because of their youth.

Then—even though another event was on his schedule—he stayed and took numerous questions from the students. And at the end of the event, Generation Joshua presented Senator DeMint with its first ever Defender of Liberty Award. Amid a standing ovation, Senator DeMint accepted the award and thanked GenJ.

Approximately 30 GenJ volunteers helped with the successful Senate campaign of Jim DeMint in fall 2004.

Senator DeMint deserved this award more than any other senator in recent memory. As a humble man, yet a strong conservative leader, many of the battles he has fought have been specifically directed at protecting the right of parents to raise and educate their children. Homeschoolers and other friends of liberty have no greater friend in the U.S. Senate whenever there is a need for a champion to stand up for family and freedom.

In April, the HSLDA Federal Relations Department approached Senator DeMint with our concerns about the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). While Senator DeMint was already helping us with the Parental Rights Amendment, which is the long-term solution to threats against parental rights, we also needed a short-term fix to ensure that CRC supporters didn’t take advantage of their current congressional majorities to force a ratification vote on this dangerous treaty. Senator DeMint immediately took the lead and sponsored Senate Resolution 99, which expressed the sense of the Senate that the Convention on the Rights of the Child should be rejected. Thanks to his leadership, 36 other senators have signed onto S.R. 99, effectively ending any chance that the CRC could be ratified by an unsuspecting Senate for the next two years.

HSLDA applauds Senator DeMint for his defense of freedom. We are grateful for friends like him in Congress today.