The Home School Court Report
No. 4

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by Chuck Hurst and Vicki Bentley
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Website Expanded to Help Groups!

Do you lead a homeschool support group, or are you thinking about starting one? Run, don’t walk, to HSLDA’s Group Services website! Redesigned with you in mind, the site now features more encouraging articles, more comprehensive information, and a more user-friendly structure.


We know the sacrifice group leaders make to lead, counsel, administer, pray, and troubleshoot ... and most of you are homeschooling your own children on top of that! Our Group Services director, Vicki Bentley, has walked in your shoes in state and local support leadership. That’s why it is important to us to offer articles and resources for leaders, by leaders. You can find out what has worked for other groups and access the information you need to provide practical help to your group members. And for those really challenging times, we even have a few “instant meeting” ideas for you!

Comprehensive Information

Our new site has answers to the questions most commonly asked by leaders, such as: Where can we find group insurance? How do we update our roster? How should we structure our board? What about incorporation? What’s the difference between an HSLDA Affiliate and a Discount Group? How do we meet the needs of our new families without losing our veterans?

We now have four tabbed sections for you to explore: Discount Group Program, Affiliate Program, Leader Support, and Resources. From an improved roster updating system, to sample wording and buttons for your website, to meeting ideas, to financial and legal basics (such as copyright, incorporation, bylaws, and more), we want to help equip you for serving your homeschool community.

You’ll also find sample activity surveys, meeting ideas, FAQs about HSLDA’s programs, and more. And we’ve expanded our support group directory to include not only Discount Groups, but other support groups as well—so, leaders, be sure to check your listing and add or update as needed so your community can find you!


When we say it’s user-friendly, we mean that we’ve anticipated your needs to update your roster on your own schedule, to access files outside of regular business hours, and to print articles and forms for your group. (And we continue to test our systems with technologically challenged volunteer testers!)

We add to the site regularly, so if you’re currently a group leader or aspire to become one, be sure to bookmark our Group Services website as a favorite in your browser and check back often!

About the authors

Chuck Hurst is the director of the HSLDA Membership Department. Vicki Bentley is HSLDA's early years consultant and group services director.