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by Chuck Hurst
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“Done—Sort of”

A member family recently told us they had “taken three daughters all the way through grade 12” and added, “now that we have no vulnerability, we plan to be outspoken in support of other homeschoolers.”

I’d call that done—sort of.

They went on to explain,

When we began homeschooling 20 years ago, we had escape route plans to Canada in the event of an emergency! Because of HSLDA, we have seen such beautiful success both here and around the country. Never think we do not see, know, and appreciate what God has given you to do—and what you have done so well. God bless you, and please know our prayers are with you through the next generation.
—Sandra and Richard K., IL
Family Dinner


We rejoice with all families who are at or near the finish line. Homeschooling is a long road and can be fraught with challenges along the way ... though planning an escape route to Canada is not part of most homeschoolers’ lesson plans today!

Nevertheless, homeschooling still needs outspoken supporters. If you or someone you know is done—sort of, I’d like to pass on a few ideas for how you can sort of stay involved.

You can assist your local homeschool group by volunteering to teach a class or mentor a student, you can join your state organization and volunteer your services, you can continue your HSLDA membership (yes, even if you’re no longer homeschooling), and/or you can consider a tax-deductible gift to the Homeschool Freedom Fund.

The Homeschool Freedom Fund is one of the funds offered by the Home School Foundation, the charitable arm of HSLDA. Formerly known as the Friends of Homeschooling Fund, this fund’s new name better states its purpose: to provide resources for defending homeschoolers. All donations to this fund are used to support the legal services work of HSLDA.

If you would like to provide others with peace of mind so that they can focus on homeschooling without feeling vulnerable to legal challenges, please consider a gift to this fund. With your help, we can continue doing well what God has given us to do, now and through the next generation.

Our thanks to all of you who are sort of done!

About the author

Chuck Hurst is director of the HSLDA Membership Department.

Introducing the Homeschool Freedom Fund

by Leah Garber

“My oldest child is only 3 years old, but I want homeschooling to be legal when he reaches school age,” a dad explained to me as he completed an HSLDA membership application at our conference booth this spring.

This conscientious father had just spent a few years in Europe and was very aware that the freedoms we often take for granted in the U.S. aren’t guaranteed. When a California court of appeal declared in 2008 that homeschooling was illegal (a decision that was later reversed), many homeschoolers apprehensively remembered the saying “As goes California, so goes the nation.” In truth, a revocation of homeschool liberties in any state has the potential to instigate restrictions and prohibitions throughout the country. Our recent confrontation in Mississippi (see cover story) dramatically points to the continuing need for homeschool-friendly legal experts who can instantly react to sudden threats ... even in 2011.

HSLDA’s legal and litigation departments have become increasingly busy since our founding in 1983, as home education has become more widespread. The Homeschool Freedom Fund gives HSLDA members and nonmembers alike an opportunity to support this important work with a tax-deductible donation. Through your donations, we can help to keep homeschooling legal and offset increased costs as we continue to serve the homeschool community with excellence.

Support the Homeschool Freedom Fund >>

About the author

Leah Garber is an HSLDA membership coordinator.