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by Will Estrada
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Training America’s Future Leaders

In his Last Word column in the Nov./Dec. 2010 Court Report, HSLDA President Mike Smith discussed the incredible impact that Generation Joshua students—your children—had on the 2010 midterm elections. If you haven’t yet been encouraged by reading that article, read the archived version.

GenJ students drop election literature.


Mike was excited because nearly 800 young people, parents, and GenJ leaders helped turn the tide in several dozen close races. In the five days leading up to Election Day, this dedicated band of young patriots made almost one million voter contacts (that’s one-on-one interaction with likely voters via phone, knocking on doors, or talking outside polling stations). And that is why I’m excited, too.

Throughout history, those who stand for truth and justice have had some epic challenge that their generation had to overcome. The Founders fought against a corrupt, despotic regime. For much of the 1800s, the battle was against slavery and repression based on race and color. In the last century, it was a battle against the threat of communism. And today, we face struggles to protect the sanctity of human life, to preserve parental rights, and to return to a limited government that preserves, not imperils, our liberty.

That, simply put, is the mission of Generation Joshua. Our vision statement is “to assist parents to raise up the next generation of Christian leaders and citizens, equipped to positively influence the political processes of today and tomorrow.” And we accomplish this through education and action opportunities for our young members.

GenJ provides education to young people through our online distance learning classes, free to GenJ members. Young people learn about our Founders and what they intended for our government. We also provide education at homeschool conferences across the nation, where we lead exciting, hands-on teen tracks that teach young people about the election process, the legislative and judicial branches, and the constitutional amendment process. And our signature educational events are our two annual weeklong iGovern summer leadership camps. GenJ provides training through action with our student action teams and Benjamin Rush Awards Program. Our student action teams are the most visible aspect of GenJ action, as hundreds of young people, parents, and GenJ staff deploy to work for pro-homeschooling federal candidates. These young people see how they can impact the course of our nation—before they’re even old enough to vote! Our Benjamin Rush Awards Program is less visible, but no less effective, as students win iPods and college scholarships as rewards for lobbying their local elected officials, writing letters to the editor, and being a voice in their own communities.

Through all this, GenJ staff use their personal involvement with the young people to instill in them the values they need to be effective Christian leaders and statesmen in our nation.

I’m excited about what Generation Joshua alumni are doing. Some are serving in their state legislatures. Others are working in Washington, D.C., or in state capitols. Others are serving God in no less important positions as they’re starting to raise godly families. And as a result of what these young people learned in GenJ, they are prepared to face the battles of our generation and to raise a godly generation to stand firm in the battles of tomorrow.

You can find out more at the Generation Joshua website. If you are inspired to partner with us to help train the future leaders of America, I want to invite you to email me personally at The battle for the heart and soul of our nation is too big for any one person to take on, but together and by the grace of God, we will prevail.