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Money Motivates in Boone County

The Southern Boone County School District ran an article in The Boone County Journal stating, “Families who want to homeschool their children need to provide some information for the local public school district in order to avoid misunderstandings.” A list of “needed” information, not required by law, followed.

The article then said that if families don’t submit the information, “school officials don’t know whether the family has moved or is still homeschooling.” The article explained, “The home-schooling declarations prevent the school from making erroneous reports of educational neglect.”

The article’s preposterous message was that homeschooling families have the burden of proving they are innocent, and that it is the family’s fault if the school system makes a mistake.

Home School Legal Defense Association Senior Counsel Scott Woodruff called and confronted the article’s author. She quickly acknowledged that money was the issue. The school system gets a little extra money for each homeschooler who submits a declaration of enrollment.

Woodruff asked her to stop misleading families and to be candid about the school system’s motivation in any future articles.

— by Scott A. Woodruff