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District Form Wants too much Information

Each year, parents teaching their children at home in Kentucky are required to notify their local school district officials of their child’s attendance at a private homeschool program. This notice should be provided within the first two weeks of the school year, as parents are presumed to be operating a bona fide school when they have met this deadline.

This year, homeschooling parents in McCreary County received a “Homeschool Notice of Attendance” form from public school officials. The form demanded several things that are not required by law, including a list of the curriculum that the parents would be using for each child. The form went on to say that no child would be listed as being homeschooled “without evidence of a curriculum.”

Several member families contacted Home School Legal Defense Association immediately after receiving this form in the mail. HSLDA Staff Attorney Thomas Schmidt wrote to school officials to advise them that the form was in violation of Kentucky law. He pointed out that school officials cannot require curriculum information from parents.

Under Kentucky Revised Statutes § 159.160, a homeschooling parent operating a private school must provide the name, age, and residence of each student.* While parents are also required to maintain attendance and scholarship reports, they are not required to submit curriculum information to local school officials.

HSLDA expects families in McCreary County to have no further difficulties. However, we will continue to closely monitor this situation.

— by Thomas J. Schmidt

* See “A plethora of forms.”