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Districts Send “Homeless Form” to Families

A Home School Legal Defense Association member family informed us that they had received a Student Residency Questionnaire from their local school district. Included in the questionnaire was a letter from the homeless education liaison stating that all families in the district are required to complete and submit the form.

Upon further investigation, HSLDA discovered that several school districts in Colorado had sent this questionnaire to all families in their jurisdictions. HSLDA Staff Attorney Mike Donnelly wrote to these districts clarifying that while federal law (the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act) does require local educational agencies to identify homeless children in order to receive certain grant money, the law does not require all families to fill out the form. After Donnelly sent this letter, homeschooling families heard nothing more from the school districts about the form.

HSLDA recommends that families who have received the form simply discard it if they are uncomfortable with returning it.

— by Michael P. Donnelly