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No. 2

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Prayer & Praise

Praise the Lord for the successful resolution of the Cressy family's court case. (See cover story.)

Thank the Lord for vigilant homeschoolers who have contacted HSLDA about potential local threats to freedom. Pray for students encountering discrimination in the process of obtaining work and driver permits, for families facing school district requests for information not required by law, and for parents having trouble withdrawing their children from public schools. Ask for God’s blessing on homeschool leaders and HSLDA attorneys as they support these families and strive to resolve legal issues. (See Across the States.)

Ask God to direct the steps of the HSLDA litigation team as they handle current homeschool cases and keep school and law enforcement officials aware of state homeschool laws. (Active Cases.)

Praise Him for the growth of the homeschool movement overseas. Pray for the safety and encouragement of homeschoolers in Finland and Sweden, and for families considering homeschooling in those countries. (See Around the Globe.)

Lift up the work of the HSLDA Federal Relations Department staff as they lobby Congress for legislative language that protects family rights in measures such as CAPTA reauthorization. (See Freedom Watch.)

Thank the Lord for generous donors who help the Home School Foundation make it possible for families in need to continue homeschooling. Pray that more children like Casey, who have special needs, would discover that they thrive in the nurturing atmosphere of home education. (See From the Heart.)

Ask Him to bless and encourage young activists like those in the Guardians of Liberty GenJ Club as they develop skills for preserving freedom in the United States. (See Liberty’s Call.)

Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.

—Colossians 4:2