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Send Your Story About Why Homeschooling is the Best!

We are looking for humorous, warm anecdotes and true stories illustrating that homeschooling is the best educational alternative around.

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Palindrome from Another View

I was head over heels, literally, trying to weed a neglected garden bed. Timothy, 8, came up behind me and asked, “Wow” Not understanding, I asked him to repeat himself.

“Wow?” he asked again. This time, I asked him to explain.

Wow,” replied my son. “You know—Mom upside down!”

—by the J. Family / North Hempstead, NY

Political Power

Four-year-old Bridget, the daughter of some homeschooling friends of ours, was playing with some of the children in her neighborhood who wanted to play “superheroes.”

As the youngest of three girls, Bridget was not familiar with any superheroes. The only male in her house is her dad, who is highly involved in local politics.

So as the neighbors began to shout out the characters they wanted to represent—“I’ll be Iron Man! I’ll be Superman! I’ll be Spiderman!”—Bridget had a novel response:

“I’ll be Committeeman!”

—by Jo-Anne R., Yardville, NJ


A group of people from our church, including my children Deron, 6, and Latresa, 7, participated in a pro-life march and rally at our state capital earlier this year. During the trip home afterward, Miss Lisa, the driver of our carpool, asked me a question.

She spelled out, “C-A-N T-H-E-Y H-A-V-E S-O-M-E C-A-N-D-Y?”

“Yes,” I replied, “but they are able to spell now.”

“I know,” said Miss Lisa, “but they were probably distracted.” She handed the candy to my children, who thanked her and promptly returned to playing in the backseat.

A few miles down the road, Deron piped up, “At home, my M-O-M gives me P-O-P when I’m sick.”

—by Cedric & Bonnie S. / Kansas City, KS

In this Multitasking Era

My 7-year-old son and I were working on his math assignment.

“Mom, I wish I had three heads,” said my son, as he looked out the window.

“You do?” I asked. “Why?”

He replied, “One to look out the window, one to look at you, and one to look at my math paper.”

—by Jane M. / Knoxville, TN

Health Hazards Ahead

When my brother was about 8 or 9, he was having some difficulty learning his math facts. To help him, Mom got the “Exercise and Memorize: You Can Do” math videos. Each video began with the warning:

“Exercise is not without its risks, and this or any exercise program may result in injury. To reduce risk of injury to your child, consult your medical provider before beginning this exercise program.”

When Andrew first read the message, he exclaimed, “Wow, Mom! They warn you not to do math facts!”

He was more than a little disappointed when we explained that the caution was for physical, not mental, exercises.

—by Amber M. (17) / Fort Valley, VA

Beyond textbooks . . .

Not satisfied to read brief paragraphs in traditional textbooks, our family goes through piles of books every week. We love delving into a subject and learning everything we can about it.

I didn’t think about how blessed we are until my 5th-grader asked me, “Mom, what exactly is a textbook?”

I love homeschooling!

—by Laura R. / Hull, GA