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by MaryAnn Gaver
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Granddad’s Garage

You shall rise up before the grayheaded
and honor the aged, and you shall
revere your God; I am the Lord.

—Leviticus 19:32 (NASB)

Mary Ann Gaver
Mary Ann Gaver

I’m so glad that my parents are nearby. They live outside of Washington, D.C., about 50 minutes from our house in the sprawling suburbs of Maryland.

Over the years, it’s been great to invite the grandparents along on field trips to museums, Civil War battlefields, and mountaintop picnics. Even though they haven’t been directly involved in our homeschool, each grandparent has taught my boys some wonderful lessons.

The twins have always enjoyed visiting their grandparents. There are stories—from accounts of relatives who came from Europe to Ellis Island in the early 1900s to tales of living through World War II.

There are long chats around the old oak table as we share freshly baked pumpkin bread or some other treat hot out of the oven.

The thing that has been most intriguing to all of us is Granddad’s garage. It’s here that go-carts have been assembled, airplane interiors have been meticulously restored, and beautiful bookshelves have been skillfully crafted. The garage is an airplane hangar, woodworking shop, and mechanic’s haven all rolled into one!

I’ve learned that grandparents and other family members play a unique role in our lives and in the lives of our children. Their experience, knowledge, and skills are so valuable. Whatever your heritage or background, remember that relatives often have a wealth of wisdom to impart. And sometimes all we need to do is ask them to share it!

About the author

MaryAnn Gaver and her husband, Jay, have been homeschooling their twin sons for 10 years.

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Creating Memories

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Although my mother lives two and a half hours away, she has been able to arrange her busy schedule to come up and hold occasional art classes for our small co-op. She brings the supplies and helps the children create a finished watercolor piece. Usually, she accommodates the theme or time period that we are studying. For example, next month she will be helping us paint a Greek scene to coincide with our study of Ancient Greece; last spring we painted hot air balloons as part of our study of that invention.

by Deborah M. / Pasadena, MD

Weaving Generations

Family is the richest part of our home education plan. The passions, experiences, and trials of loved ones have shaped and instructed our children, opening doors to history and to life in general. Firsthand accounts of childhood during the Depression, World War II, travel, floods, fire, and fabric airplane construction are part of the children’s learning.

God weaves family strengths and weaknesses together to unveil His perfect love and plans. Embracing trials of life as curriculum has allowed us to teach our children to walk in Christ’s victory.

by Billie Jo Y. / Port Crane, NY

Distance Learning with Grandma

With my mom on the West Coast and us on the East Coast, her involvement in our homeschool, and even just building a relationship with her, can be difficult. However, once a week via Skype (a free internet video phone call), she teaches us a recorder lesson. She can hear and see how we are progressing, demonstrate new music, and then treat us to a mini concert and, of course, a chat. And I say we because I’m taking the lessons, too, and my boys love the fact that they are better at the recorder than I am! I love that they are learning about music while building a relationship with their grandmother.

by Cyndi R. / Lillington, NC