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by Cherise Ryan Curby
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Joy for the Future
HSF blesses families.
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Sometimes the staff of the Home School Foundation just sit back in awe at how God uses our labor, together with hundreds of other people’s prayers and donations, to touch someone’s life.

Here is the story, sent to us in a thank-you letter, of one family being touched by God through your love and support.

My wife and I want to thank you at the Home School Foundation for the extraordinary award that you granted to our daughter, Casey [name changed to protect privacy]. The Special Needs Children’s Fund has made it totally possible for Casey to remain up to date in her educational endeavors. Casey’s disabilities and our financial constraints caused us great concern about how to cope with her future homeschooling needs. Your generous and timely award made our concerns turn into joy for our daughter’s future.

As a family, when we received your letter announcing the award, we cried ... every one of us! What an answer to prayer! Casey is a very visual, hands-on learner. Her disabilities have forced this style of learning upon her. The new computer software has leveled the educational playing field for her in every way. She can see, touch, hear, and almost feel her coursework come alive through the miracle you enabled her to receive.

In our initial letter to you, we spoke of Casey’s disabilities. She has over 200 absence seizures daily along with Asperger’s. Yet, this amazing young woman has never considered these circumstances to be anything more than a challenge to overcome. As her father, I want her to have every opportunity possible to succeed. With much prayer and guidance from the Lord, we found you folks, and you opened your hearts to us as you have done for so many others.

Now, with a great computer system, Casey can load all of her homeschool curriculum and still have adequate room for growth, as well as the ability to perform many other necessary tasks. We brag about you folks to every homeschool family we know and are so incredibly pleased that you found our daughter worthy of your award.

Thank you again for sharing your kindness and blessings with our family.

This family is one of the hundreds of homeschooling families that are being helped through the Home School Foundation.

If you or a homeschooling family you know has a special needs child and would like more information about how the Foundation may be able to help, please visit our website or call us at 540-338-8688.

About the author

Cherise Ryan Curby is the Home School Foundation website project manager and editor.

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From the Director

Chuck Hurst
Chuck Hurst

How many times have families like Casey’s been told, “You don’t have what it takes to homeschool your children”?

Through our Special Needs Children’s Fund, we help to contradict those statements from detractors.

Stories like Casey’s spur us on to make homeschooling feasible for more and more families who are willing to do the work of homeschooling a special needs child, but need the tools to do the job.

These families often find themselves in a catch-22: they know their child needs the individual attention and care of homeschooling, but he also needs certain therapies, software, or curriculum. How can they afford to do this on their own?

They can’t—but with God all things are possible! God has put HSF in the position of being a conduit between generous donors who want to help lighten the financial stress of teaching these special students and the parents who just need a little help.

Thanks for trusting us to help these precious families!

—Chuck Hurst, Executive Director

For more details on how you can help, please call HSF at 540-338-8688, visit the Home School Foundation website, or email info@homeschoolfoundation.org.