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by Cherise Ryan Curby
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HSF succeeds in first Ambassador project

The Home School Foundation’s very first Ambassador Program project was a huge success! The Ambassador Program is a new volunteer network to help homeschooling families, groups, and youth programs find and assist other homeschooling families in their area who are experiencing hardship.

Volunteers at work
The crew of over 30 volunteers spent an entire day refurbishing the home of a single homeschooling mom.

For our first project, HSF teamed up with Home Educators Association of Virginia to renovate the home of a single mom on disability. She and her two young children were extremely blessed by over 30 volunteers who came throughout the day to help with painting, yard work, fence repairs, a window replacement, new decor, and more.

Ambassador volunteers use HSF gifts and the resources of their local community to reach out and meet needs among homeschoolers. They provide information about HSF to those in need, explain the mission of the Foundation to potential donors, and provide local homeschool families with opportunities to serve each other.

To watch a video of our first project taking place, go to our YouTube page,

About the author

Cherise Ryan Curby is the Home School Foundation website project manager and editor.

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From the Director

Chuck Hurst
Chuck Hurst

I came across an article the other day titled “Compensation for the Soul.”* The point of the article was that employees who are given the opportunity to help improve a company and are recognized for it will be happy and loyal employees.

Thinking about this concept, it occurred to me that many who helped with our recent Ambassador Program service project had a similar opportunity to receive “compensation for the soul.” They did not receive monetary compensation, but by giving of their time and energy to help a homeschool “neighbor” they received the joy of helping others and the knowledge that they were laying up treasure in heaven.

We are excited that the families who participated in our recent project were compensated in this way. We hope many of you will participate in future Ambassador Program projects and receive similar “compensation for your souls.”

—Chuck Hurst, Executive Director

* Kathleen Koster, “Compensation for the Soul,” Employee Benefit News 24, no. 11 (September 1, 2010).

For more details on how you can help, please call HSF at 540-338-8688, visit the Home School Foundation website, or email