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Don’t Assume Everyone is Informed

As most of Home School Legal Defense Association’s California members are aware, a new law went into effect on January 1, 2010, which allows private schools (including homeschools operating as private schools) to issue work permits. Previously, private school students had to go to their local public school to obtain a permit, and often met with resistance or outright refusal. The new law allows private schools to issue work permits, but also requires them to send a copy of each issued permit to the public school district for the superintendent’s records.

However, not all public schools have been brought up to speed on the new procedure. Our members report that many school districts don’t know what to do with the paperwork once they receive it.

Early on, one superintendent simply sent the paperwork back to the private school. We advised the private school that it had fulfilled its obligation under the new law and there was nothing further to do. Another superintendent sent the work permit paperwork to the local high school, which was equally confused about what to do.

Most recently, a private school that had sent in the final paperwork received a phone call from the district advising the private school to come in and pick up the work permit. The homeschool mom advised the official that she was just forwarding the copy as required and didn’t need the work permit from the school district. The official responded that the district had been doing this for 20 years and knew exactly what it was doing. The flummoxed mom finally asked the school official to mail her the permit, not wanting to argue the point.

It will likely take some time for all school districts across the state to become thoroughly familiar with the new process. If you run into difficulty, please contact the HSLDA Legal Department for assistance. We also recommend that you listen to our free @home e-vent on this topic.

— by J. Michael Smith