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Children Protected from Interrogations

On allegations that a South Dakota family was not taking care of their children’s hygiene, not taking care of their home, and not meeting the needs of their special needs child, a social worker demanded entry into the home and access to the children so she could question them.*

After discussing the situation with Home School Legal Defense Association, this member family chose not to allow the social worker to come into their home or question their children, but they did permit a viewing of all the children.

Additionally, the family collected 17 character reference letters, including five from people who are considered mandatory reporters of child abuse under South Dakota law. The family doctor testified that all the children were well cared for. The letters—some from people who had known the family for 30 years—confirmed that the family takes excellent care of their home and all their children.

Some time later, the family received a letter from the social worker saying that the report against them was deemed unsubstantiated.

— by Scott A. Woodruff

* See “HSLDA social services contact policy.”