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Superintendent Invents Requirements

Homeschooling families in the Shelby County school district recently received an aggressively worded letter from the local superintendent’s office reminding them of Ohio’s legal requirements for homeschooling and including a copy of the district’s notice of intent form.* Both the letter and the form contained blatant errors and misrepresentations of explicit legal requirements. For example, the district implied that homeschooling families must follow the calendar of the local public school, requested unnecessary documentation, and required a midyear progress report due January 31. None of these demands is contained in Ohio’s homeschool regulations.

Many of the homeschooling families in Shelby County are members of Home School Legal Defense Association, and one of these families contacted us with concerns about the letter. HSLDA Staff Attorney Michael Donnelly promptly responded to the superintendent with a letter admonishing her and cautioning the district against taking any actions that would further infringe on the rights of local homeschool families. Donnelly clarified the law and firmly suggested that the superintendent revise the district’s letter and form to accurately reflect state law.

HSLDA members are welcome to access the forms and other information on HSLDA’s Ohio webpage in order to comply with state homeschool law. If any family is confronted with unreasonable or unlawful demands from a superintendent or school official, please notify us so that we can help resolve the situation.

— by Michael P. Donnelly

* See “A plethora of forms.”