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Millennium Scholarship Form Corrected

Thanks to the hard work of Nevada Homeschool Network (NHN), the Nevada Millennium Scholarship application requirements for homeschool graduates are now accurate.

Barbara Dragon, NHN Treasurer, followed up on a report that the Nevada Millennium Scholarship’s new application form incorrectly stated that homeschooled students had to complete certain core curriculum requirements to qualify for the scholarship. The second item in the checklist of requirements read as follows:

I have enclosed proof that I have met the core curriculum requirements as established by the Board of Regents for the graduating class of 2009 and after. (4 units of Math (including Algebra II); 4 units of English; 3 units of Natural Science; 3 units of Social Science and History)

Barbara quickly reviewed the law, consulted with NHN Chairman Frank Schnorbus, and contacted Nevada Board of Regents member Ron Knecht, who asked that the issue be communicated to the Nevada System of Higher Education’s (NSHE) legal department for an expedited review. After reviewing the relevant law, Nevada Revised Statutes § 396.930, NSHE determined that “the core curriculum for home schooled students is not required under the statute.”

As NSHE worked with the Nevada State Treasurer’s Office (which had produced the form) to revise the Application for Home Schooled and GED Students, Barbara continued to communicate with key participants, including Home School Legal Defense Association, to ensure that the correct changes were made—including a modification to the application form to clarify that homeschool students are not required to take the GED to apply for the scholarship. NHN also verified that NSHE had sent a memorandum to school superintendents, NSHE student affairs officers and counselors, and the state treasurer’s office to clarify the issue.

The corrected application form is now posted on the state treasurer’s website. (Go to and select “Millennium Scholarship,” then “Forms and Documents,” and then “Students without Diploma PDF.”) It accurately reflects the documentation homeschooled students must submit to be considered for the scholarship:

  • Application for Home Schooled and GED Students,
  • Copy of certificate of completion or homeschool diploma,
  • Copy of school district waiver of compulsory attendance that applies to the years the student did not attend a Nevada private or public high school,
  • Student report results of Nevada High School Proficiency Exam (taken through any Nevada school district or licensed private school),
  • Score report from ACT (minimum score of 21) or SAT (minimum combined score of 990), and
  • A sealed official high school transcript for any courses taken at a Nevada public or private high school (if applicable).

NHN did a great deal of behind-the-scenes work to accomplish this result. HSLDA would like to congratulate NHN, whose work is so important to Nevada homeschool families, and to encourage you to support this organization.

HSLDA continues to support your right to homeschool, including advocating for equal treatment of homeschool diplomas and the elimination of discrimination against homeschoolers. Thank you for your partnership with us in these endeavors.

— by J. Michael Smith