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Homeschooled Voice Permitted to Go Pro

A New Jersey homeschooler had an opportunity to do professional voiceover work in California, but needed to first obtain a New Jersey work permit.

When the student’s family asked the Fairview school superintendent for a work permit, he balked. He said the family was in violation of the law because they had not reported their homeschooling program to the New Jersey Department of Education (DOE). He sounded alarmed and said he was going to call his lawyer.

Time was of the essence—the student was scheduled to fly to California in just a couple of days. This Home School Legal Defense Association member family called our legal department. We quickly wrote to the superintendent, explaining that under current DOE policy, homeschoolers are not required to register, submit a notice of intent, or the like. We invited him to go to the department’s own website to see for himself.

After receiving our letter, the superintendent issued the work permit, and the student with the talented voice flew to California as scheduled.

— by Scott A. Woodruff